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Whitney Young Whitney
Alameda High Rogues Gallery<br>Whitney and Norm Peterson far right Whitney<br>Some people would starve if it wasn't<br>for free tournament food
Clint Eastwood, Whitney, and mgr. types<br>Celebrity Tournament Clint Eastwood, Whitney, Don Hamilton<br>Carmel Celebrity Tournament
Frankie Albert, Bill Cosby, Jack Frost etc Alex Olmedo, J Grigry, Claudia (Blonde) Whitney, Emerson<br>Santa Domingo gig arranged by Grigry
All the best seniors from north and south<br>Bob Hill organizer at the Vintage in Palm Desert All the best seniors from north and south again at the Vintage
Bob Hill, Hugh Ditzler, Cliff Mayne, Whitney Bob Hill, Whitney<br>Winning in Portola Valley
Butch Kerkorian, Don Gale, Whitney Bob Hill<br>San Jose State circa 1958 Cliff Mayne, Roy Enerson, Whitney, Rod Laver<br>Claremont Hotel Berkeley Celebrity Gig
Don Kierbow, Jack Frost<br>Jack Kramer called Kierbow the dark horse Don Kierbow, Whitney, Bob Hill, Don Gale
Doug McClure, Jack Frost, Whitney, Yvonne Nopert Eldon Rowe, Bob Hill, Whitney, Tom Brown
Eldon Rowe, Pancho, Whitney, Bob Hill invite-auto
Jacque Grigry, Whitney<br>Berkeley Tennis Club Junior Tournament Ken Rosewall
Ken Rosewall, Yvonne Goolagong, maybe Jane Albert-left<br>with Whitney's cousin Mike Sheridan (Tall guy) L/R Eldon Rowe, Pancho Gonzalez, Whitney, Bob Hill
L/R Jack Darrah, Cliff Mayne, Whitney, Norm Peterson<br>Bunch of kids hanging out after the Sac. Juniors l/r Jackie Cooper, Whitney, Lornie Kuhle, holding court with Rosie Casals
L/R Whitney, Dan Rowen, Rick Barry's Partner, Rick Barry<br>Celebrity Tournament in Lake Tahoe Most of the most famous in the sport
Norm Peterson, Jack frost, Whitney, John Gardiner on right<br>The fellow on the left is the Maharajah of Kutch The best backhand in the business
The usual suspects at Pebble Beach<br> The usual suspects in Santa Domingo<br>“Meet the Beatles” Whitney ready with the Backgammon case
Tom Brown, Whitney, Bob Hill, Eldon Rowe Whitney
Whitney<br>Whitney in Palm Springs winning 65's Whitney and Jack Frost<br>Pebble Beach circa 1960
Whitney or Pancho's grandmother<br>According to Pancho, the worst overhead in tennis Whitney, Betty Hannis, Yvonne Nopert<br>Better days for Betty.<br>Whitney left for Davis Cup and never returned
Whitney, Butch Kerkorian, Bob Hill<br>San Jose State circa 1959 Whitney, Claudia
Whitney, Gail Feaster, Jack Frost<br>In front of Jack's house in Indian Wells Whitney, Grigry, Olmedo and Emerson<br>Guy on the left is the hotel mgr
Whitney, Jackie Cooper
Whitney, Raul Contreras<br>Tiburon Tournament 1968<br>Contreras was a Mexican Davis Cupper

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
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